Steve Stanislaus



Nov 2012 – qualified for the British Finals of BDFPA (British Drug Free Powerlifting Association)
Nov 2010 – winner European Championship in Malta M2 class WDFPA (World Drug Free Powerlifting Association) also broke the world record in my category for the equipped lift.
Nov 2009 – WDFPA World Champion in M2 class and 3rd overall in the World
March 2009 – BDFPA British champion overall and for my age class
Jan 2009 – BDFPA Southern Area Qualifier M2 Class winner


2006 – UK Strongest Man winner under 105KG
2006 – Whitecliffs Strongest Man under 105KG winner


2006 – England Championship under 105KG – 3rd place
2005 – Pantiles Strength Challenge – Runner up
2005 – Allhallows Novice Challenge – 3rd place

A Short Biography

I’ve always been keen on sports from my school days. I bought my first barbell and dumbbell set from Argos at the age of 17 to exercise at home. I was so embarrassed about how skinny I was that I wouldn’t workout in a public gym. My goal was to get big enough at home to join a gym, I’ve never stopped training since then, over 30 years ago. I went from an 11 stone seventeen year old to weighing 19 stones at my competition heaviest a few years ago. I represented a London Select boxing team in a short amateur boxing career when I was 25 years old weighing 82kg (12 stone 12 pounds) and at the age of 43 I won the UK Strongest Man under 105 kg competition in Cardiff, beating many of the competitors who were young enough to be my sons. I’ve competed against all of the top strongmen in England and trained alongside many of them. My strongman career also led to numerous regional titles but the lack of any form of drug testing led me to move onto Powerlifting. I currently lift for the British Drug Free Powerlifting Association. All their competitions have a minimum of 10% of the athletes tested as well as 365 days of the year no notice random testing. I won the British title in the 110kg class outright in my 1st season of lifting with them and went onto win the European and World title. I’ve also broken the world deadlifting record twice.

I’ve never been tempted by performance enhancing drugs and have always believed in good nutrition and hard work which has been the foundation to all my achievements.

I believe my journey of self improvement in the field of competitive strength sports and the knowledge that I have gained from both training and competing with some of the world’s best has equipped me with the necessary skills to pass on to anyone who wants to improve their body and their health.

I’m fully qualified as a bootcamp trainer and an advanced bootcamp trainer. I currently run the STAN’s Fitclub which is an outdoor Bootcamp.

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