Do you eat well ?

We all think that we eat well most of the time. We all can all make improvements to our diets. Even so, it should come as no surprise that the nation’s health and the obesity crisis has only got worse. Since the first Eat Well Guide (Eatwell Plate) in 2007 dramatically worse!



Sadly, the predictions are for it to keep on getting worse. Putting an ever increasing burden not only on the National Health Service but more importantly on ourselves and our loved ones. The only substantive changes from the last eating guide set out by the government as the best way to stay healthy, is a couple of percentage points changes…… a 6% increase in fruit and veg, 4% increase in carbohydrates! We are heading for even more of the same health problems, not less of them. More carbohydrates as if we’re not eating too much carbs already. Carbs turns to sugar, we’re eating too much sugar already!



It’s no surprise at all that they can predict with great accuracy the decline in our health and the increase in chronic diseases.

Gut health, brain health, heart health, immune system failures….the list goes on and the figures keep increasing! Grains, processed cereals and cows milk, making up the majority of the daily foods that we are being told to eat. “Base your meals around starchy carbohydrates ” it says
…..this is the recipe for the continuation of current predicament that we have found ourselves in with our health!


Chuck in some low fat foods, artificial sweeteners, vegetable oils, soy milk then cut out all the good natural saturated fats and sign yourself up for and old age of misery but you’ll soon forget due to the dementia you’ll be heading for! A near 50% increased risk of dementia from being diabetic or pre-diabetic.

The more you read, the worse the advice gets. Telling us to “stay away from saturated fats and chose unsaturated fats like vegetable oil for cooking and low fat spreads instead of butter as a way of “reducing blood cholesterol” Really! Maybe they should read the study published by the British Medical Journal three years ago instead of relying on information supplied by the food and drinks industry which helped produce the Eatwell Guide. The report from the BMJ states that saturated have been wrongly demonise and Do not increase cholesterol.

Perhaps they should have consulted respected people who deal with the consequences of our health problems and don’t have a vested interest in the advice given, like Dr Aseem Malhotra, consultant cardiologist and founding member of the Public Health Collaboration, a group of medics, said dietary guidelines promoting low-fat foods were –

perhaps the biggest mistake in modern medical history, resulting in devastating consequences for public health. Sadly this unhelpful advice continues to be perpetuated. The current Eatwell Guide from Public Health England is in my view more like a metabolic timebomb than a dietary pattern conducive for good health. We must urgently change the message to the public to reverse obesity and type 2 diabetes”. 


What you eat and how active you are NOW, will be the most significant determining factor in your quality of life when you get older…….



1 Cut out all vegetable oils from your diet and cooking.

2 Increase your natural fat intake – real butter, coconut oil, avocados, oily fish etc.

3 Take regular exercise – High intensity, short sharp bursts instead of steady, one paced




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