Crazy January Offer!

Offer is for the first 15 people to grab them!

Crazy January offer. No excuse not to get into fantastic shape this January! £25 – that’s less than half price to train for the whole of January but only available for the first 15 people to snap them up! Now it’s even cheaper to tone up and get fit. Diet and nutritional advice is always on hand when you train with us or you can combine this Crazy January Offer   with the  21 Day Detox  which starts on 4th January!


We also offer a free full body composition analysis after every training session for anyone who wants one. That way you can see exactly where your current fitness and health level are. The analysis give you 20 separate readings from body fat to bone density and loads more in between! This service is available all year round and is totally free of charge. Even for people who aren’t members, train elsewhere or have never trained before. So whatever training or diet plan you’re currently on or about to start, put it to the test. Come alone and see if what you’re doing is really working for you. Remember, weight loss isn’t fat loss. Facts and figures don’t lie! Any queries regarding the analysis just contact us by leaving a message.

So whether you take advantage of this  Crazy January Offer  or not, I’m sure we can help you to achieve your fitness and health goals for 2016!



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