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detoxSTAN’s  21 Day Bikini Detox

Get into amazing shape in only 21 days

MONDAY 2nd September 2019


Most people struggle with their weight. Often for decades. Some give up that battle and settle for less than their true potential. Whether the battle is just to stay in shape or to lose a few stones, this is the programme that can end that struggle!

No Gyms or equipment needed, just good food and a few minutes exercising using your own body weight. All within the comfort and privacy of your own home. Real results or ……..   YOUR MONEY BACK!

  1. We start on Monday 2nd September  2019.  You can get valuable information now and start making progress before we officially start date!
  2. You’ll be part of an exclusive online group,  everyone will officially start on the same day. The whole whole group goes through the same challenges at the same time and supports each other throughout the 3 weeks.
  3. Initial instructions will be sent to you which include a shopping list and a list of banned foods. You choose all the foods that you eat to make delicious meals in minutes. You will all be part of a secret Facebook group and will receive daily food menus, workout videos and answers to all their queries.
  4. No wheat, dairy, sugar, grains, processed foods, caffeine or alcohol but loads of great tasting foods to enjoy instead!
  5. You will receive meals and drinks options every day along with a link to the exercise workout for that day which will be from my private YouTube collection, specifically designed for this programme. The workout video is in ‘real time’ so just click the link and follow me through the workout!
  6. I will be on hand to give constant support and encouragement throughout the 21 days whatever the time of day or night!
  7. All you have to do is follow this detox plan for 21 days !
  8. It’s not a quick fix !! It’s a jump start !!…. to get you back on track and not only looking but feeling amazing! learning skills that will enable you to take full control of how you look and and how you feel!

Feedback for 21 Day Detox

On the 21 Day Bikini Detox you are VERY likely to experience:

  • Looking and feeling confident in your summer clothes and beach wear!
  • Partner’s, friends and family actually noticing your new body shape!
  • Increase in self confidence and energy
  • Looking fantastic in and out of clothes, healthy and younger looking too!

Register now and get the early bird discounted price of only £75 before it goes up to the £95 full price!

Limited spaces!


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